the olave program


The Olave Program is for members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-30, and focuses on three aspects of community, adventure and self-development. Olaves take opportunities to:
Make a positive difference in their communities through volunteering, service and advocacy;
Challenge themselves through new experiences especially in the outdoors and internationally; and
Develop skills and knowledge to enable them to grow as individuals.

The Olave Program empowers young women to further develop as confident, self-respecting, responsible global community members.  It also provides a voice for the young women of Guiding.
An Olave is a member of a State Girl Guide Organisation who has had her 18th birthday but has not yet had her 30th birthday, and who elects to participate in the Olave Program.
Participating in the Olave Program provides great opportunities for challenge and adventure, getting involved in the community, meeting new people and developing new skills and abilities.
Peer Groups consist of Olaves who meet together on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Peer Groups may be set up according to geographical areas (ie regions or districts), or to meet the needs of those with similar interests (for example, canoeing or advocacy).

You can find out more information about the Olave Program by visiting the Olave Program Resource

The NSW & ACT Olave Program Committee consist of 5-7
Olaves who are passionate about all things Olaves. They include: 

- Olave Program Consultant/Chair
- Committee Secretary
- Awards Coordinator
- Olave-Rover Liaison
- International Liaison
- Events Coordinator
- Membership Coordinator 

The Olave Program Awards structure recognises that all Olaves are
different and as such offers a range of challenges to cater for everyone:

- Olave Baden Powell Award (OBP)
- Olave Challenge Award
- AGP-OP Link Badge
- Duke of Edinburgh Award
- Commonwealth Award

Check out the Olave Program Awards 

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