18–30, the olave program

The Olave Program enables young women aged 18–30 to further develop as confident, responsible members of the global community. Participants of the Olave Program are known as ‘Olaves’ and seek to challenge themselves under the areas of the Olave Program Framework. Olaves can also choose to complete awards under the Olave Award Structure.

The Olave Program encourages:
·  A commitment to Guiding through the Promise and Law.
·  Support to our community through voluntary service to Guiding.
·  Undertaking of and contribution to service projects to benefit the local, national and global community.
·  A deeper understanding of Guiding through heritage and tradition.
·  Fostering cultural acceptance and strengthening global links through International Guiding opportunities.
·  Social networks so individuals can support and learn from each other. 
·  Individuals to pursue opportunities for self-development. 
Through the Olave Program, there are many opportunities to represent Guiding and young women locally, nationally and internationally through positions on committees, at events and volunteering.