junior guides

(7-10 years)

The group of Junior Guides you're getting to know is called a Unit.  It's for girls seven to 10 years old. 

The Patrol system established in Pre-junior Guides continues in Junior Guides, with the girls working together in groups of five or six. They have a Patrol Leader, and the Patrol chooses its own name. In Junior Guides, Patrols are afforded slightly more autonomy – they’re able to take a more active role in choosing and planning their activities, though the Leader still provides plenty of assistance. Patrols remain consistent throughout the term and the girls often become close friends with their fellow Patrol members. 

During the school term, Junior Guide Units meet once a week to:
· Do outdoor cooking and craft
· Sing
· Play adventure games
· Act in plays
· Work toward badges, awards and do challenges
· Choose and run their own activities with their Leader's help.

There may be indoor camps or special activities to go to with the Unit – a trip to the zoo, a bushwalk or a barbecue near a beach or river.