pre-junior guides

(5-7 years)

Pre-junior Guides are aged five to seven, they’re the youngest group of Girl Guides.

For these littlies the focus is on learning through fun. Pre-junior Guides choose activities with their Leader’s help—games, singing, cooking and craft projects, and the great outdoors all play a part.

The girls work in small groups (four to six girls) known as Patrols. They’re in the same Patrol each week and forge close friendships with their Patrol members.The Patrol system helps the girls learn to work as part of a team. At this age, Patrols are closely monitored by the Leader to ensure all the girls have the opportunity to listen and be listened to; to lead and to take direction; and to gain confidence and compassion.

In addition to weekly meetings, Pre-junior Guides have the opportunity to attend special events with their Unit—these could include bushwalks, barbecues and big events such as Science in the Garden.