senior guides

(14-18 years)
Senior Guides get to plan and carry out their own Guiding activities based on different areas of experience. 

The program is linked to a variety of recognised qualifications or awards, both within and outside Guiding. The opportunities and challenges offered to Senior Guides are designed to be particularly beneficial to girls as they prepare to embark on their careers.

There are various leadership opportunities open to girls in Senior Guide Units. For example, they can become Junior Leaders, working with younger girls.

Senior Guides are also encouraged to be active community members. Being part of Guides helps young women to develop their skills so that they can help their communities locally, nationally, and globally.

The opportunities don’t end at Australia’s shores. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts runs four World Centres Senior Guides can visit (and also work at once they’re 18).  Visiting the World Centres in the UK, Switzerland, India and Mexico is a great way to travel, connect with other Guides, and help the community of the country.