info for parents

 There are lots of after school activities available for girls, but Girl Guides offers girls aged five to 17 something unique: access to a great variety of activities throughout the year, all geared towards helping your daughter become a strong, confident, well-rounded young woman

Our organisation is part of Girl Guides Australia, one of 145 member countries in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). This means we share the ideals and resources of 10 million members worldwide, and Members have the chance to experience international events, projects and friendships.

what’s on offer for my daughter?

 Variety is the key word. She’ll enjoy a weekly meeting during the school term with girls in her age group which combines games, outdoor activities, craft, cooking, camping, environmental awareness and more, tailored to her age and experience.

There’s also the chance to meet other girls at local, state and national events, help people in her community, and train in boating and other outdoor skills.