international opportunities

As an organisation Girl Guides NSW & ACT is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity. Helping young people gain a better understanding of other cultures and worldwide issues is very important to us.

International Guiding offers our girls a chance to learn about customs, language, religion and cultures of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) countries. The girls take an amazing interest in learning about their sisters in these other countries. Learning about Guides in other lands presents an opportunity to discuss the issues surrounding the UN Millennium Development Goals. The girls are interested in learning about children, especially in developing countries, who do not have enough food, clean water, health supplies or good education and how they can take action.

International program pieces are introduced as early as Pre-junior Guides and continue through all levels of Guiding. Our youngest Members may learn an international game, dance or craft; Junior Guides might decide to have an international pen friend; and Guides can hold interstate visits with other Girl Guide Units. Senior Guides and Olave Program Members are given opportunities to attend Guiding events all over the world. Tell me more...

Read a report from one of our Members who travelled to India as part of the WAGGGS International program.