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Why just for girls?

Large bodies of research conducted both in Australia and overseas suggest that girls perform best in a female only environment. Having a girl-only space promotes confidence, a 'can-do' attitude and a willingness to speak up.

In general, girls prefer to approach situations with communication and collaboration.  Since boys tend to prefer a more competitive learning environment, girls tend to become more reserved and hesitate to speak up when boys are present. Working with all girls, Guide Leaders are able to optimise each girl’s potential by designing activities specific to the girls’ developmental needs and unique ways in which they learn. 

New Website & Database


Project History

How did iMIS come about? What was the selection process?

A decision was made in 2012 to move towards a nationally consistent database platform that allowed more effective and efficient use for Members, and more consistency of reporting across Australia. Representatives from each State Organisation, as well as the National Volunteer Management team combined to form the project team, who were tasked with making a final recommendation to GGA on the preferred solution moving forward.

As part of this we agreed and worked through what we believed was the most rigorous and transparent project methodology – to ensure that we found a solution that best met our needs and gave us room for growth well into the future.

We then worked to determine the key requirements for this new platform. As you can imagine, we all wanted absolutely everything! (And we wanted it right away!!) Those requirements were put out to tender, we received a number of responses and the team then worked to rate and shortlist the submissions. This was a mammoth task, and it soon became very evident that no one solution would tick all the boxes, and also the key priorities took different priority in each state.

We therefore decided to agree on the top deliverables for stage one of the project, which still allowed us to meet the remit of a Nationally consistent platform – but also gave the States flexibility to take on as much or as little of the solution as it could manage at the current point in time.

This allowed us to more specifically shortlist and ultimately recommend the final solution – iMIS.

As it turned out (and completely coincidental given the rigorous open tender process we undertook) the solution we chose is also the solution that Girl Guides Victoria and Guides Canada have had implemented for a number of years. This gave us even greater confidence as it has been tried and tested in a Guiding environment – with great success.


When I go to the website, it doesn’t seem to be viewing correctly. Why is this?

This could be for a number of reasons; however most likely is that you are operating using an out-of-date web browser. To experience the full functionality of the new site, if using internet explorer as your web browser, we recommend upgrading to internet explorer version 10 or above. The site is also optimised to function in a range of other browsers, including Safari, Chrome, FireFox etc. You can download these browsers free of charge directly from their websites.

There are some areas on the new website that don’t have much information. When will this be updated?
The website is an evolving project. We have ensured that the essential information is available at time of launch, and will continuously build on this over time. Your ideas and suggestions for improvement are valuable to us so please feel free to send them to us via the website. Please be patient with us as we review suggestions and ideas and prioritise our action based on a number of operational factors.

The colours on the website are different. Have we changed our Organisational colours?
No. We have undertaken a national review of our brand, and agreed that our organisational colour palette was to be adopted across every State organisation, and applied consistently throughout all National and State websites.
The new colours on the website are actually colours within our existing palette; we simply haven’t not used them widely up until now. We hope that you find these colours fresh and vibrant.

There are some forms that seem to be missing in the Member section. Where are they?
We have ensured that the essential information is available at time of launch, and we continuously build upon this over time. If you cannot find something, we recommend that you first try to search for it by keyword using new search function in the top right hand corner of website. If this is not successful, please advise us directly through our website, or by emailing guides@girlguides-nswact.org.au

Member Records


I want to update the Member details for a girl in my Unit. How do I do this?
It’s important to understand that the structure of iMIS is such that each Member can only view and update their record, and those with the relevant positions access information on other Members through the reporting packages (as further detailed below). It is up to each Member to make sure their personal details and membership is current and up to date. Please encourage all Members to take responsibility for their record and ensure it is up to date at all times.

If I cannot modify another Members record, how can I continue to update the girls’ record with what badges she has earned?
We recognise that this is a task that many Leaders undertake and would like to continue. We are in the process of finalising this functionality and will advise Leaders and Managers of the process for this in the near future, allowing Unit Leaders wish to specifically update Girls’ record with badge achievements (excluding peak achievement awards which will be updated by Guide House).


I can’t update my awards and qualifications. How do I do this?
To ensure integrity of this information, it will continue to be entered by the team at Guide House based on attendance sheets and other various sign off processes. Peak achievement awards will also continue to be entered by the team at Guide House.

Please check your record and if there is anything that you believe is missing in relation to your current qualifications, advise us directly through our website, or by emailing guides@girlguides-nswact.org.au and we will look into it for you.

Why can’t I see my past / previously held roles?

We are working towards all previous roles being visible within your member record in the near future.


I want to register multiple girls for an event. How do I do this? (This may also include registering multiple members for training)

Keeping in mind that each Member is responsible for their own record, they are also responsible for their own registrations and payments. As a result, at this stage there is no functionality for Leaders to directly register multiple Members for events on their behalf.

We understand there are many reasons why this functionality is useful for Leaders, including so you know who is booked into what event so that you can ensure you have the appropriate logistics in place. Ideally, we believe using the system in the way that it is designed (i.e., responsibility for self-registrations and payments) will allow Leaders to reduce the current amount of administration they carry. So in the first instance, we strongly encourage you to ask parents to register their daughters, and simply advise you when that has been done.

If, due to distance or other reasons you have to set a minimum and/or maximum number of girls who can attend any event – please advise parents of this and encourage them to book early so they don’t miss out. If minimum numbers aren’t achieved, simply let Guide House know and we will arrange relevant reimbursements.

In the meantime, we are able to facilitate group bookings through Guide House. If you are absolutely unable to move towards self-registrations, please email events@girlguides-nswact.org.au for assistance in the process.
If the communication is effective, we hope that over time we can completely transition to self-registrations.


What reports will I be able to access to help me undertake my Guiding role?
All report packages are tailored to meet the specific role you hold within Guiding. These reports include Region, District and Unit lists, event participation lists, training qualifications and a region contact list. The reports come in a range of formats including excel and PDF. Although we will review the reporting packages to ensure they meet our needs, initially the packages for each position include:

District Managers
District Volunteers List
District Volunteers Contact Details
District Training Qualifications
District Girls List
District Girls Contact Details
District Girls Summary
District Event Participation
Region Contact list
Region Contact
  Region Managers
Region Volunteer List
Region Volunteer Contact Details
Region Training Qualifications
Region Girls List
Region Girls Contact Details
Region Girls Summary
Region Event Participation
Region Contact list 
Event Leader in Charge (LIC)
Participant List
Summary Statistics
Activity List
Registration List
Leader Qualifications
Additional Application Questions
Central Reference - full participant
  details inc. activities selected 
  Unit Leaders
Unit List
Unit Members List
Unit Health Information
Unit Custody Details
Unit Contact Details
Unit Event Participation
Region Contact List
Region Contact
What reports will the State Trainers receive?
It’s important to note that in iMIS, all training courses and activities are considered to be Events. As a result, GG NSW & ACT Trainers will be allocated as LICs for training courses and receive all of the same reports that LICs receive for events (as detailed above).

We have a Region event on for which I am the LIC; how do I access the reports?
The system only generates reports for Events that are registered in iMIS. Currently Region events are not administered through the State system. As part of stage two of this project, we can also look at setting up Region Events and activities within iMIS to allow Region team members and key personnel access to similar reports.

In the meantime, please contact your District or Region Manager to obtain copies of the reports they have received.


Help! I just need some information and I can’t find it or work out how to get it!
No problem! Email us at guides@girlguides-nswact.org.au and let us know how we can help. We will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible. If the matter is urgent, you can also phone Guide House between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

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