What is Back to Guiding Month?

It's a Guiding Awareness month. It's annual, occuring in May. It allows Girl Guides to have a forum for community engagement and help drive recruitment and retention.

Why May?

  • It’s the beginning of Term 2, and many Guiding AGMs have happened, so there is time to plan well
  • Biscuits! Many Districts already have focussed efforts to raise Guiding’s profile in the community through Girl Guide Biscuit sales
  • Volunteer Week is in May, thus this is a good tie-in, particularly for media

Back to Guiding—tell me more... 

More than a targeted effort to encourage ex-members to return to Guiding, there are many ways to come back to Guiding.  Adults that were a Guide as a child are definitely a target market to recruit Leaders. Triggering nostalgia amongst ex-members may also pique their interest to get their daughter(s) involved. But we need to do more:
  • We need to raise community awareness that Guiding is still active in your area
  • We need to promote that we are relevant in today’s society
  • If there’s a perception in your community that Girl Guides is old fashioned, domestic, staid or outdated, challenge it! Prove them wrong
  • Extoll member virtues. What are the benefits that you have seen empower Girls in your District? Sell them!

What can Girl Guides NSW & ACT’s office do?

Supply the tools for a coordinated approach with strategies, consistent branding, prescribed promotional tools and templated items. Tips, tricks and cheat sheets will accompany items and strategies to assist implementation and local facilitation. 
We provide toolkits and templates to:
You can download or order:

A focused approach to media and publicity is key. What can you do?

host public engagement activities:
  • Come and Try nights
  • Family fun days on a weekend
  • District reunions
  • Biscuit Stalls
  • Fundraising BBQs
  • PR/info stalls at community events/fairs/galas/fetes
  • Open day at your Hall
  • School and OOSH care visits. You could even run an example Unit program as an OOSH or lunchtime awareness come & try teaser activity
  • Talk to the press
  • Build a media team to build your media presence 
  • Be "involved" in the media – study the newspapers and news websites, listen to the radio news watch the TV bulletins, monitor social media.
  • Use your Region/District’s media contact list and contact journalists at target publications. Ask if you can send them information or media releases.
  • Keep the official media release template handy—dropbox, google docs etc. on your computer, phone and tablet.
  • Practice writing and compiling media releases.
  • Use your Region/District’s guide on organising media conferences or events.
  • Prepare and practice sound bites so they are ready for use and adaptation in television, radio and newspaper interviews.
  • Make sure you have plenty of photo or visual opportunities on stand-by to complement or improve the coverage or your group's event.
  • Advertise in your local community
  • Letterbox drop
  • Community noticeboards
  • Banners outside our Hall
  • General or community service announcements in local community papers
  • Nominate Guide Leaders for volunteer awards
  • National Volunteer Week is in May