the colour palette

The creative colour palette is consistent across all State Girl Guide Organisation members of Girl Guides Australia. This maintains a common identity and builds brand awareness nationally.
There are three levels:
Primary—our main two colours used in the logo above left. We’ve also adopted the colour of the Asai Pacific Region of Guiding.
Secondary—can be applied to brand elements to complement the use of the primary colours
Tints—Tints of our primary and secondary colours may be used to create variety on our branding across materials we produce. 

The tints can be derived from either the Pantone references or the CMYK, RGB or web breakdowns.
Colours and tints that are bright or higher density (70%-100%) should be used for large text headlines, panels and backgrounds to light text. Lighter colours and tints of lower density should be used for backgrounds to dark text.
The logo has three basic variants: portrait lock-up, landscape and the simplified Trefoil only.