secondary colours

 Pantone® 116  Pantone® 485  Pantone® 368
 C0 M19 Y93 K0  C2 M94 Y94 K1  C60 M0 Y100 K0
 R255 G206 B0  R255 G38 B28  R118 G189 B34
 #76BD22  #E1261C  #76BD22
 Pantone® 021  Pantone® 513  Pantone® 226
 C0 M78 Y94 K0  C51 M89 Y0 K0  C9 M99 Y19 K1
 R255 G82 B0  R148 G54 B141  R214 G0 B110
 #FF5200  #94368D  #D6006E

Pantone (PMS) is a standardised colour-matching system used by designers and printers worldwide to ensure an exact colour match.
PMS colours often cannot be replicated exactly in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) or an RGB (red, green, blue) colour space.