Girl Guides NSW & ACT’s photography style is reflective of our mission statement and representative of the facets of Guiding across the membership base. Photographs used should be in focus, with contrast, light and tone supportive of the message being conveyed.

An image library is available for use and accessible through our flickr account. Click on the thumbnail to peruse our gallery and download images.
When choosing photographs to use, Guides should be in correct uniform wherever possible. Composition/cropping should be engaging and relative. The photographs should always look natural, real and tell the stories of the people within. Positivity, support, strength, togetherness, self-belief and empowerment are great themes to capture. The images should be simple and convey purpose.

Photographs must not visually contradict our mission, vision and values. Photographs used should be tasteful and respectful and must not show midriff, cleavage, or in any way negatively objectify women.

When selecting images, commissioning/briefing photographers, or framing shots it is important to consider the purpose of the photograph. If, for example, text is to be overlaid, the photograph should be relatively uncluttered with a clean area considering possible layout.