the logo

The Girl Guides NSW & ACT logo is a derivative of the Girl Guides Australia logo and is governed by the logo guidelines of Girl Guides Australia. The consistent proper use of the Trefoil and logo communicates the quality and professionalism of Guiding in Australia. The State derivative of the Girl Guides Australia logo is comprised of three parts; trefoil, national identity and state identity.
The Trefoil is a unique and stylised derivative of the worldwide symbol of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts—three leaves, representing a three-fold promise.and a seven pointed star—the Commonwealth Star—the symbol of a federated Australia used on the Australian flag.
The national identity is the wording GIRL GUIDES AUSTRALIA with separator lines.
The third part, the state identity, is wording particular to each State. For us, it’s NSW & ACT.
The logo has three basic variants: portrait lock-up, landscape and the simplified Trefoil only.