the logo—usage

The Girl Guides Australia and Girl Guides NSW & ACT logos must never be recreated. Any version or format you require is available by request, or downloadable from here. 

The logo in the portrait and landscape lock-ups must never be rotated, used in part, outlined, used as a transparency or have any affect applied. If using a monotone version, it may be faded or watermarked.

The reverse white version can be placed over a photograph or illustration, provided the area where the logo is used is not too busy and elements do not infringe on the exclusion zone. 

The typeface and type case must never be changed, the lock-up disproportionately scaled and the Trefoil shape never altered, skewed, placed under minimum size or have elements removed. The wording itself must not vary from that in the logo as described—either Girl Guides Australia or State variation. There are no Region, District or Unit level variations to the logo.

The Girl Guides Australia logos and the Trefoil only logo may be used by Guide Members, Units, Districts, Divisions, Trefoil Guilds, Regions, State contingents, committees, properties and groups belonging to or affiliated with Girl Guides Australia. For permission or advice on logo use, please contact the Marketing and Communications Team at Girl House.

State specific publications have the right to use the State logo instead of the national logo. All publications deemed national must use the Girl Guides Australia logo.

The Trefoil only logo may be rotated. It may also be used in part if running out of the visual area.