membership development resource

 The Membership Development Team are constantly creating and updating resources to help you grow Guiding in your local area. This page and the links under growing guiding on the sidebar to the right are all designed to give you the help you need to grow Guiding at a local level. Here's the basics to get you started—evreything else you're looking for is listed to the right. 

District Assessment Form

if you’re starting to plan for membership growth, you’ll need to begin by looking at the current situation in your Division or District. You will first need to assess the condition of each District. The District Assessment Form can be used for this purpose. You can also download the helpful Leader Notes to assist you in assessing your District. 

Information Sheet for Leaders

an information sheet to help Leaders make the most of new enquiries about Guiding.

Information Sheet for Parents

an information sheet to help parents understand more about Guiding.

Be sure to check out the exciting new pre-printed promotional material that can be requested from Guide House too!