outdoor activities




Orienteering NSW has developed orienteering maps for Glengarry, which are available to all Members of Girl Guides NSW & ACT. 

To use the courses, you must book the Glengarry property. The day rate is $5/person per day (Girl Guide Members only). 
To book Glengarry,  please contact Guide House on (02) 8396 5200 (9am–5pm, Mon–Fri). 

As part of our agreement with Orienteering NSW, Girl Guides NSW & ACT will provide figures on how many Guides use the courses throughout the year. When you call Guide House to book the property, you will be asked how many Guides will be completing this course. 

External Groups

Please note that there is a per person rate for most activities. Abseiling, Archery and Low Ropes require Girl Guide Instructors be present. This is an additional cost, and Instructors may not be available on weekdays.

Guide Groups

Require POA27 Adventurous Activities Notification Form and ADM27 Forms for each participant for some activities, as well as a qualified instructor. Instructors can be sought by the Property and Events Administrator for you at an additional cost or you may arrange your own.