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Orienteering NSW has developed orienteering maps for Glengarry, which are available to all Members of Girl Guides NSW & ACT. 

To use the courses, you must book the Glengarry property. The day rate is $5/person per day (Girl Guide Members only). 
To book Glengarry,  please contact Guide House on (02) 8396 5200 (9am–5pm, Mon–Fri). 

As part of our agreement with Orienteering NSW, Girl Guides NSW & ACT will provide figures on how many Guides use the courses throughout the year. When you call Guide House to book the property, you will be asked how many Guides will be completing this course. 

The Orienteering Map download below is a blank map that can be used to create an orienteering course.  The map can be uploaded to a website called Purple Pen http://purplepen.golde.org/ where you can plot points.  You then need to put out markers at these points for the girls to navigate to.

Orienteering Map
(Adobe PDF File)
Guide Groups

We have Archery, Low Ropes and Orienteering available to you. You will need to provide details of the instructor on your OUT.01 Form and notify the booking officer of this person's details. If you can’t find an instructor you can contact Guide House and we can organise one for you. The form needs to be submitted one month before the arrival date.  Check Guidelines for meeting the requirements of these activities.