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Certificate of Currency 


A Certificate of Currency is a written document that is issued by an insurer or insurance broker that confirms that the insurance policy is current and valid as of the date and time of the certificate.
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Hall Inventory (insurance return)

The Inventory Form completed for your Hall/Guide Facility should be revised every 3 to 5 years (to account for any changes i.e. items that may have been sold/thrown out). It will also assist if you experience a break-in and need to identify any stolen or damaged equipment. This form is available in pdf or microsoft excel format.




Property Loss or Damage Claim Form

Property Loss or Damage Claim Form should be completed if your Hall/Guide Facility has experienced vandalism, malicious damage, break and enter, storm, fire or flood/water damage. Please complete this form and direct to the Properties Team before commencing any works.  However, if the nature of the claim is vandalism/storm/fire, please undertake the necessary measures to ensure the building/s have been made safe and secure from further damage.  Each and every claim will be assessed and awarded on it's merits. 


Other report forms

The incident report form and the Accident report form,  must be directed to both your District Manager and the Executive Assistant on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer for processing and reporting.