property maintenance

property maintenance checklist


The Properties Maintenance Checklistis required to be completed annually for every Guide Hall/Facility. It deals with maintenance issues, accident and emergency, workplace health and safety, fire safety and electrical safety. Please note that this does not specifically relate to having your facility approved for overnight stays. These are two separate forms. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Properties Team at Guide House should you have any questions relating to the completion of this form. 

inspection forms

Our Property Inspection Forms allow for Guiding and non-Guiding properties to be hired by Guides and third party/community groups for overnight stays and indoor/outdoor camps. 

Each approval lasts for three years, and must be updated upon expiry to continue using the particular facility. 
Please ensure this inspection application process is completed with enough time to make sure it is approved for your planned hire. 

If it is a Guide facility that you wish to hire out, please first check the type of land holding. If it is a leased facility, you will need to identify whether you are entitled to hire your Hall to additional third party groups.
Your completed form must be authorised by the District Manager (or authorised representative), then signed by your Region Outdoor Activities Consultant.
Following that, the form must be sent to Guide House for State authorisation BEFORE the facility can be used for the purposes as mentioned above.
Completed forms should be sent to

Updated Property Inspection Forms for Indoor Overnight Stays

After an extensive consultation process with contractors, the Girl Guides NSW & ACT executive, and your Region Outdoor Activities Consultants, we have updated our Property Inspection Forms for Indoor Overnight Stays. 

These updated Forms ensure our properties are safe and secure for our Girl Guides during Indoor Overnight Stays.

If you have any questions about the updated forms for Indoor Overnight Stays, please contact your Region Outdoor Activities Consultant (ROAC).

Q: What forms have been updated?
Previously, our Property Inspection Form was a single document, covering properties to be approved for both indoor and outdoor overnight stays, and Guiding and non-Guiding properties. 
We’ve now created separate, updated Property Inspection Forms for Indoor Overnight Stays approval.

Q: How can I access the updated forms for Indoor Overnight Stays?
If the property is owned or managed by Girl Guides NSW & ACT, use this form:Inspection Form for Guiding Facilities used for Indoor Overnight Stays.
If the property is not owned or managed by Girl Guides NSW & ACT, use this form: Inspection Form for Non-Guiding Facilities used for Indoor Overnight Stays.

Q: Have the Inspection Forms for Outdoor Overnight Stays been updated?
No. The update for the Outdoor Overnight Stays form is still a work in process.
If you would like to have your property approved for Outdoor Overnight Stays,please use the current form here.