property management


Electronic Housing Code


The Electronic Housing Code (“EHC”) allows you to investigate your development options, identification of land based restrictions, generate an exempt and/or complying development report, prepare a complying development application, select your preferred Certifier from a pre-nominated list and lodge and monitor your application electronically.  Most Councils are now allowing you to apply for a complying development certificate online using the EHC. 

Check it out here:

Please be aware that all Girl Guide NSW & ACT policies and procedures must be followed, specifically noting approvals required for spending and consent to works.

booking officer form—consent to release


If you are the Hall Booking Officer for your District Guide Hall or Region/Division facility (and are not the District Manager), you must complete this form in order to provide consent to Guide House to release your information to third party Hall hirers, should they enquire about the hire of your Hall/ Guide facility. This form should be completed and sent to the Properties Team at Guide House for processing. This system will ensure that enquiries can be quickly followed up but also increase the opportunity for Districts to earn some much needed income to offset ever increasing Hall expenses. 

hall key register


This form is used by Districts to keep an up to date register of key holders to their respective Hall/Guide Facility. This Register must be retained by the District Manager and is recommended to be updated annually (at the end of each fiscal year—30 June). This form does not need to be sent to Guide House. 

other property management forms

The following forms are available to assist you in the management of your hall/campsite. Depending on your particular circumstances, these forms may or may not apply to you.

crown report form
acknowledgement of key receipt
property committee management report
after hours emergency contact list
freehold yearly property planner 
hall usage schedule
crown yearly property schedule internal emergency contact list
rental yearly property schedule  security code notification
leasehold yearly property schedule
security code procedure
tree risk assessment form   ADM 56 GGA risk management policy
contractors checklist risk assessment plan for outdoor activities events camps 
approval process for improvements & alterations
Contractor Induction Checklist
contractor agreement  Contractor Contact Details
property loss or damage claim form First Aid Checklist