A bequest is a gift made in your will.

Girl Guides NSW & ACT is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation. It relies entirely on membership subscription and voluntary donations. It is a non-government organisation with no ongoing government funding.

Bequests are valuable in assisting Girl Guides NSW & ACT to support girls and young women to develop into socially responsible members of our society.

Your bequest (or gift) to Girl Guides NSW & ACT can take many forms, including:
•  cash or securities
  •  real estate 
  •  life insurance policies
  •  life income plans
  •  annuities or trusts
  •  cultural property such as manuscripts, books and works of art.
Your gift will have a great impact on the lives of others, more than many people achieve in a lifetime. 

For more information, please download the attached brochure or contact the State Commissioner on (02) 8396 5200.