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As an adult Member, have a look at the inspirational and empowering course list that paves your learning pathway. You can read a brief decription of each course we run on the course synopses page.

Please note that course registrations close Friday four (4) weeks before the course is being held. You must proceed to checkout and pay for your course registration prior to completing the registration process.

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Learning Partner Connect
Warners Bay Guide Hall18 Nov 1720/10/2017LD17LPC2WB
Trefoil 1 & 2 Canoeing
RTS Tingira18 Nov 1720/10/2017LD17SK6RTS
Trefoil 3 & Adult Canoe/Kayak
RTS Tingira18 Nov 172/11/2017LD17SK7RTS
Learning Partner & Manager Update
Warners Bay Guide Hall19 Nov 1720/10/2017LD17LU01WB
Adult Canoe/Kayak
Bindaree25 Nov 1727/10/2017LD17SK8BI
Adult - Canoe/Kayak
Lake Gininderra College ACT13 Jan 1815/12/2017LD18SK01AC
Summer Sailing School
RTS Tingira15 Jan 1815/12/2017LD18SS1RTS
Becoming a Manager
Glengarry17 Feb 1819/01/2018LD18BM01GG
Becoming a Manager - Changing Roles
Glengarry17 Feb 1819/01/2018LD18BM02GG
Leadership Qualification
Glengarry17 Feb 1819/01/2018LD18LQ01GG

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