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As an adult Member, have a look at the inspirational and empowering course list that paves your learning pathway.
Please note that course registrations close Friday four (4) weeks before the course is being held.

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Leadership Qualification
Innabaanya01 Apr 173/03/2017LD17LQ01AC
Leadership Qualification
Kum Ba Yah01 Apr 173/03/2017LD17LQ01SC
Leading Volunteers
 01 Apr 176/03/2017LD17LV01MK
Learning Partner & Managers Update
Innabaanya01 Apr 173/03/2017LD17LPU1AC
Learning Partner Connect
Kum Ba Yah Campsite01 Apr 173/03/2017LD17LP01SC
Presenting with Pizzazz
Kum Ba Yah01 Apr 173/03/2017LD17PP01SC
Trefoil 1 & 2 -Canoeing
RTS Tingira01 Apr 1710/03/2017LD17W05RTS
Trefoil 3 & Adult - Canoeing
RTS Tingira01 Apr 1710/02/2017LD17W06RTS
HUB 2.0
Kum Ba Yah02 Apr 173/03/2017LD17HU01SC
Leading Volunteer
Innabaanya02 Apr 173/03/2017LD17LV01AC

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