course synopses


Wide Games 

Learn how to put together a wide game, how to adapt to suit all ages, what skills to teach the girls, discover a variety of themes. Learn how to have your wide game last all weekend at camp or have a short one for a program meeting

Program Explored

Have you wondered how to best use the handbooks in your program, or thought there must be an easier way to cover the fundamental without being boring or uninspiring?  This is the training to attend. Handbooks, programming, Patrol time, meeting the needs of the girl, evaluating the program are all explored, along with playing a vast amount of games and activities to enhance your weekly program.

Fun Outdoors

Come along and be inspired to take your Guides outside.  This training looks at a variety of activities that can be done outside and within a normal meeting night. It also looks at adapting activities to meet needs of the girls.

Knots and More

Are knots a challenge for you? Do you struggle to remember what they can be used for? Come along and learn all of this and more. Learn to build gadgets with knots and lashings and some pioneering structures ready for camp.

Guiding Skills

Expand your knowledge of Guiding skills that are not commonly used. Develop more skills. In this training explore compasses, different fire lighting techniques including different ways to light a campfire, knotting and camp gadgets, flags and ceremonies and interesting ways to include Promise and Law into the program.

Engineering Guiding Style

Learn how to build larger Pioneering structures, what knots to use and how to keep girls and Leaders safe whilst using the structures.  Structures could include a swing bridge, transporter, commando bridge, monkey bridge, trestle bridge, raft, camp gateway, catapult, seesaw.
Campfire: Want to know how to run a successful campfire, or learn some innovative ways to light a campfire? This training takes you through the planning, building, lighting and etiquette of a campfire, you may even learn a few new songs or different versions old some old songs.

Bag of Tricks

Are you a Manager who likes to step in and help out at Unit meetings?  This training is one for you. It will give you some quick activities and games with minimal equipment that you can have ready in your Bag of Tricks. Be prepared to pick up and run a meeting.

Train the Rainbow

Before the Gemstones, we had a rainbow of skills to build upon. Starting out with the basics, then building on them to learn more intricate skills. Under the headings of Environmentally Aware, Prepared and Innovative, Self Disciplined and Understanding Teamwork learn how to start at the beginning and teach the girls the basics, then work on upskilling them to build their self confidence and leadership skills.  In Environmentally aware, start with Nature Bingo or a Leaf Hunt, Move onto making a buddy burner and playing the game of shooting out the candle with a water pistol, basic compass points to be able to map your position on a topographical map, or find due North by your watch. All of this and more is offered in this training.

Flags and Ceremonies

How to bring flags and ceremonies back into the weekly program.  Explore the different ways to do Horseshoe, how to use the flag for opening and closing ceremonies.  Learn the composition of the Australian National Flag, the State Flags, Our World Flag and the Girl Guides State Standard.  What other ceremonies can be used and how to put one together.  This is a good refresher ready for ANZAC day.

How to Train Your Patrol Leaders

This training will give you the skills to identify what is needed in a Patrol leader, the expectations of the role between the different sections. Explore different activities and skills that can be used in a PL training day and most importantly how a good Patrol Leader can be an asset in the Unit.

WAGGGS Initiatives/International Explored

Learn about the structure of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) regions and member countries. Discover more of the WAGGGS badges and have a go at some of the activities. Discuss the importance of why these badges and initiatives exist and how to talk with the girls and parents before undertaking some of these badges. 

Guiding Spirit

The aim of this training is to provide Leaders with an opportunity to explore our history, understand BP’s philosophy and discuss its relevance in today’s society.  This will be accomplished by looking at the early development of Guides, our World Centres, WAGGGS and the links of unity.

3p’s and Me (Unit Leader)

our 3P’s, Patrols, Progression and Promise and Law.  This training covers Patrol System, Patrol Leader training, fundamentals—skills and games, wide games, Promise and Law, decision making in Patrols, WAGGGS and international Guiding in the Unit, progression, adapting resources, evaluating in Patrols and ceremonies.

3P’s and Me (District Mangers)

Our 3p’s, People, Promotion, Promise and Law.  This training focuses on communication skills, personal strengths and weaknesses, personalities, risk, management of the District, How to support your Leaders and parents, Promise and Law for adults, Public speaking, and Promoting Guiding.

Oddball Cooking

Everything we love about Guiding is in this training, food, fun, friendship and fires.  Come along and learn the many ways to get the most out of your thermal mug and interesting recipes to use at camp.


Ever tried Geocaching or Munzies? Come along and learn how to incorporate these ideas into your meetings and camps. Also learn how technology can be used to enhance the Guiding experience. 

Camp Leader – Indoor/Outdoor

This training will give you the knowledge to proceed with your camp leader module/s.  The course covers both indoor and outdoor camping. Risk Management, Programming, Menu Planning, Food Handling, Bell Tents & Domes, Kitchen Shelters & Marquees


This course looks at how we are an inclusive organisation It covers what is meant by inclusion, how we can be inclusive with girls of varying backgrounds, religions and with girls with special needs i.e. physical, intellectual and dietary needs. It also covers the resources we have available to use.

Presenting with Pizzazz

If you have wondered what else you could do in Guiding, this is the training to attend.  Presenting with Pizzazz develops your skills as a presenter. It will assist you to speak in a crowd or off the cuff when someone asks you about Girl Guides. It is also the first step to becoming a Workshop Presenter and a Trainer.

Behavioural Management

The training will involve discussion on types of behaviours we encounter as Leaders, factors affecting these behaviours, coping mechanisms and building resilience and self-esteem in our youth. Time will also be spent exploring the Special Needs online resource.