What is the Girls' Advisory Panel?

Girl Guides NSW & ACT are currently seeking applications from interested Girl Guides to join the Girls’ Advisory Panel. We want you to fill the gap!
The Girls’ Advisory Panel (GAP) is an exciting opportunity for Guides aged 14 to 17 years to represent their peers and have their say about the future of Girl Guides at a State level. 
GAP gives girls the opportunity to develop their advocacy and leadership skills in a fun and friendly environment. It allows girls to contribute to decision-making processes in Guiding by empowering them to imagine more and speak out to make a difference for Guides. GAP supports girls to become responsible and confident advocates, ensuring that girls are front and centre of Guiding.  
In 2018, the Girls Advisory Panel will consist of;
8 to 12 Youth Members, aged between 14–17 years old, known as GAP representatives
The GAP Facilitator, as representative of the State Program Committee
4 adult GAP mentors
State Program Manager (ex-officio)

What does the Girls' Advisory Panel do? 

GAP representatives will be supported, coached and mentored throughout their term. 
The Girls Advisory Panel will report to the GAP Facilitator and will operate in two ways:
1. As an advisory panel, GAP will consider questions and ideas put to them by the State Program Committee. GAP will provide youth input and feedback, as required, to inform and direct solutions. 
2. As a representative group, GAP will consider their own ideas and experiences as well as those of their peers to make recommendations to the State Program Committee about current and future Guiding. This may include consulting with peers to seek their input. 
GAP representatives will be encouraged to take on particular positions within the Panel to facilitate and support different areas of work. These positions will be determined by the incoming group in 2018.

Who are we looking for?

Enthusiastic Girl Guides from NSW & ACT who are aged 14–17 years old.
Girl Guide applicants should:
- Be passionate about Guiding
- Be committed to their personal learning and leadership development
- Be willing to learn new skills and use these skills to benefit their Guiding community 
- Be willing to engage with others and represent their views
- Be willing to take initiative and work with others 
- Live by the spirit of the Promise and Law

What is the time commitment? 

The Girls Advisory Panel is a 12-month commitment and each GAP representative will sit on GAP for the calendar year from January to December.  
There will be two face-to-face GAP weekends and up to four teleconference meetings (As required).
GAP representatives will be required to attend both face-to-face weekend meetings and make every effort to attend additional virtual meetings. It is intended that both GAP weekends will be held in Sydney. Each weekend will have an associated participation cost of approximately $110, not including travel expenses. 
In addition to these formal meetings, GAP representatives will be encouraged to connect with their peers, gathering feedback that can be presented at GAP meetings. 
GAP representatives will also be encouraged to commit to different roles within the Panel. As an example, these roles may include Chairperson, Secretary, Social Media, or Events. The roles will be established by the incoming representatives at the January meeting and will require some level of responsibility, initiative and commitment. 
It is assumed that in applying for GAP 2018, successful applicants will accept their appointment and be available for meeting attendance. 
The first GAP weekend will be held 9–11 February as a full weekend camp (full details will be advised to successful applicants).