what are we looking for?

'The Girls Advisory Panel is a 12-month commitment and each GAP representative will sit on GAP from January to December. Applicants are being sought from Girl Guides aged 14–17 years old. 

Girl Guides must fit the age criteria in order to apply. 

As a calendar year term, Guides must be at least 14 years old by January 1 of their appointment year. Girls can be no older than 18 years old by December 31st of their appointment year. This means that if a GAP representative turns 18 years old during their term, they will continue to participate till the end of the calendar year. This will allow girls completing Year 12, or TAFE equivalent to still participate.

Girl Guide applicants should:
- Be passionate about Guiding
- Be committed to their personal learning and leadership development
- Be willing to learn new skills and use these skills to benefit their Guiding community 
- Be willing to engage with others and represent their views
- Be willing to take initiative and work with others 
- Live by the spirit of the Promise and Law