graffiti removal day

It's time to love where we live!


Girl Guides NSW & ACT are now in the fifth year of partnering with Graffiti Removal Day. There's a few different ways that Guides can get involved:
1 Register your Hall as a Graffiti Removal Day clean up site;
2 As a service activity you can voluteer your time and energy to help clean up a site: and
3 You may express interest to take part in one or more media events.
Media Events - Expressions of Interest


Girl Guides NSW & ACT are taking expressions of interest from any Guides that would like to and are able to attend a Graffiti Removal Day 2018 media event.
There will be a media event happening on Graffiti Removal Day on 29 October, planned to be held in Loftus.
Guides are invited and encouraged to attend this event. It is a great opportunity to get Guides in the news!

Click here to express interest!

About Graffiti Removal Day

Locals from all over NSW are being encouraged to Love Where We Live by getting involved in Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday 29 October 2017. 
Graffiti vandalism costs local businesses, households, NSW Government and local councils millions of dollars each year. This is money which could be invested into roads, sporting facilities, schools and hospitals. 
Last year across NSW over 1500 volunteers removed more than 20,500m2 of graffiti from 460 sites. 

The results speak for themselves:
  • Since its inception in 2012, the number of GRD volunteers has increased from 597 to 1503 in 2016.
  • In its first year, 100 sites were nominated. In 2016 volunteers removed graffiti from 461 nominated sites.
  • Overall, roughly 90,000sqm of graffiti has been removed by GRD volunteers since the inception of the event. That equals a community service value of about $6.7 million value in savings for private owners and the Government.
People who cannot make it on the Day can still support this great event by promoting it on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snapchat using the hashtags#GRD17 and #LoveWhereWeLive.

Is your District or Property Committee keen to get involved? Nominate your Guide Hall or property as a graffiti clean-up site, or get involved in the clean-up yourselves (it's a great service project).