what is jota-joti?

JOTA-JOTI stands for 'Jamboree On The Air' and 'Jamboree On The Internet'. It's the LARGEST Guiding and Scouting activity in the world, with more than 1 million participants each year.

JOTA-JOTI  is a Jamboree, but instead of bringing Guides and Scouts to one location, it connects participants over the radio airways, or over the internet! Plus, it only runs for 48 hours.

This annual event is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Guiding and Scouting families in other towns, states and countries.
JOTA-JOTI is just around the corner on 20-22 October.  This year celebrates the special 60th anniversary of JOTA and 21st anniversary of JOTI.

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Please contact Lorraine jotajoti@girlguides.org.au if you have any questions on how to participate.