managing operational risk webinars


Maximise your Guiding qualifications with the Managing Operational Risk (MOR) webinar! 

You can NOW book online via the Courses Tab, which will give you a reminder and the information you need to log into the webinar.

This webinar is a compulsory component of Manager qualifications, as per the Australian Learning & Qualification Program. 

The MOR webinar covers:

  • What is operational risk?
  • How to manage risk in Guiding
  • How to identify risks and hazards
  • How to fill our risk-related forms and paperwork

Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is hosting several MOR webinars throughout the year. Browse the below calendar for the best suitable date and time for you. 

Duration: The webinar runs for approximately 1 hour.


Before you attend the MOR webinar, please download the Managing Operational Risk Reference Manual and the ADM.56A Risk Assessment Plan for Operational Risk (ORP) document.