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Welcome to the Members area! Here you will find stories from other Members about what Guiding means to them, useful info about the exciting stuff you can do as a Guide, tips and tricks for when you’re out and about with Guiding and more. We will keep adding to this section, so please come back often!

Guiding is a personal journey and every girl has her own experiences. Watch this video on what Guiding means to some of our Members or this video on what the promise means to some of our Members to hear about some other girls’ journeys.

the outdoors—tips & tricks

Outdoor activities are a big part of what you do in Guiding. For many girls, outdoor activities are one of the best things about being a Guide.
We’ve gathered some resources to make sure you have fun and stay safe outdoors!

the rule of three

Whether you’re going on a week-long hike, a one-day canoe trip or just heading out to take some photos, you should always follow the Rule of Three. That is, you should always travel in a group of AT LEAST three people.   

There are many reasons why you would want to travel with this many people, but the most important reason is in case somebody gets hurt. If there are three people (or more) in your group, one person can stay with the hurt person, while somebody gets help.

Camping Tips: how to stay warm, dry, clean and fed on a lightweight weekend (and still be friends with your tent mate).
Personal Equipment Tips: how to pack and what to put in your wash kit, washing up kit and first aid kit.  
Lightweight Cooking: choosing meals, storing food and menu ideas.
Do you know how to put up a bell tent
What about a patrol shelter?
Great ideas for food when all you have is a thermos and a spoon ...more

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