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The following online registration requires you to provide information about the person joining Girl Guides and should be completed by a Parent or carer. The application should take 5–10 mins, information you will need to complete this form includes:
  • the name of the Unit you’re joining;
  • any health or assistance requirements;
  • names and phone numbers of emergency contacts;
  • Credit card details for the annual membership fee.
By Completing this form you confirm that you have either:

undertaken a two-week trial at the nominated Unit and have discussed there being a vacancy with the Unit Leader;


discussed with Unit Leader that a vacancy exists at your nominated Unit.

If this is not the case, please complete an enquiry form here or call us on 02 8396 5200 to discuss. This will avoid any disappointment should you join a Unit where there are no vacancies and your application can not be accepted

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