Girl Guides Collect 9.8 tonnes of Clothes for Charity

29 AUGUST 2018
Service is fundamental to Girl Guides, in fact it is one of the seven fundamentals that make up the Australian Guide Program. Rejectamenta is the largest State coordinated Service activity, and an amazing event t be part of.

For 24 years now, Girl Guides from around NSW & ACT collect the clothing discarded at the starting and marshalling points of The Sun Herald City2Surf. This clothing will be donated to a charity. Guides collect tonne after tonne of discarded clothing; jackets, coats, cardigans and jogging bottoms that race participants discard as they set-off on their fourteen kilometre trek of fame, fun and fundraising.

Thank you to the 157 volunteers who collected 9.8 tonnes of clothing, and presented medals at Bondi for Rejectamenta on August 12, 2018. And a big thank you to Leanne Murray, our Leader In Charge for the 2018 event.

The clearing of the roads, parks and footpaths from the start line to Kings Cross helps keep participants, other volunteers and onlookers safe from tripping hazards. The coordinated efforts of pr Guides and volunteers as they sweep in behind the pulsating packs means that local and state governments are that one step closer to having roads re-opened as soon as possible at the end of the event.

Rejectamenta is on every year. It’s a great service activity and one of the most fun and rewarding events on our calendar. All ages of Guides are welcome, and what’s more? Mums, Dads and other family members may also join in!

For every volunteer that attends, the City2Surf’s organisers, Fairfax, will make a donation. From the attendee list, Girl Guides NSW & ACT redistributes the donations out to participants’ District, Unit or Peer Group.