Guide Leaders well represented at Cook Community Awards

12 December 2019

Julie Hayes of Miranda District Guides, has received a Cook Community Award presented by Scott Morrison last Saturday, December 7. Not only did she receive this award, she was also chosen as the Prime Minister’s recipient of the 2019 Gold Medal Award! 

Julie Hayes moved into the Cook Electorate (Gwawley Parade, Miranda) in 1998 and has provided community service to Miranda District Girl Guides since 2000. Over this period of time, JulieAnne has been an inspiration to both the Girl Guides (aged 6 to 14) and to her fellow adult Leaders. While many women volunteer their time and expertise to Girl Guides, what makes Julie's service exceptional is that she has persevered over this period of almost 20 years, while experiencing the increasingly debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

Julie is an incredible inspiration to all she encounters due to her positive outlook on life. She uses her strengths — her creativity and leadership skills — to help the girls to recognise and engage with opportunities for service, and to develop their strengths and capabilities as responsible citizens. 

Mr Morrison established the awards in his electorate 12 years ago to "celebrate quiet and selfless achievers in our community", and an award ceremony is held at the end of each year.

Two other Girl Guide Leaders, Paula Becker and Julie Lorente of Hurstville Grove Girl Guides, also received Cook Community Awards in the same ceremony. Girl Guides were well represented, congratulations to all!


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