It’s District Accounts Health Check Time

20 FEBRUARY 2019

Are you looking after your District accounts in 2019?

February and March are busy times in Girl Guide Districts, with tons of renewals, welcoming new members, holding Annual General Meetings, auditing accounts, appointing District Support Teams and so much more. To ease the burden of the business end of the Guide year we spoke to Girl Guides NSW & ACT’s Finance Manager Margaret Heppell to get her top tips to make looking after your District’s accounts that much smoother.

Margaret’s seven steps to District account zen

  1. Are your account signatories up to date?
    This one seems obvious but with so many positions changing this time of year have you got your District’s signatories correct? With the two-step approval process in place for our accounts, you can make payments so much faster if you’ve taken care of this simple step. Do you bank with our partners, Westpac? Read more
  2. Are you still using cheques?
    If the answer is yes then consider making the move to electronic banking. With electronic banking you can pay your accounts online with BPay and open the door to other opportunities. You still have your two-signatory process in place, but rather than having to get two signatories in the one physical space your signatories can approve payments from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your District banks with our partner Westpac, learn more...
  3. Consider using a single, central email address
    Using position based central email addresses (with a provider such as gmail) as the contact for your District, you don’t have change details when office bearers change, multiple people can access the emails, and it gives you much better auditability.
  4. World Thinking Day Fund Donations
    Donations to the World Thinking Day Fund can be made online at To ensure your funds get to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to get used for the purpose you intended, please have your WTD donations in by 12 April, 2019.
  5. District Bills
    Make a note of when key payments to Girl Guides NSW & ACT are due:
     31 May 2019  Support Group contributions
     31 July 2019  Payment for Guide biscuits due
     31 August 2019  Payment for Insurance due
    Remember, if you need to organize a payment plan for an invoice, contact the finance team at Girl Guides NSW & ACT as soon as you receive your invoice. Don’t wait until payment is overdue.
  6. Does your District or Region pay Leaders’ Membership Fees?
    Did you know you can make the payments using your unique BPay identifier? Email with the names of Leaders and the amount you're paying so the membership team can start processing the renewals and /or new members.
  7. Taking Donations
    Donations can be made at any time online: Add a note to the donation to direct it to your District . A DGR receipt will be sent directly to the donor.
If you have any questions about these time saving tips or other financial matters, email Girl Guides NSW & ACT’s Finance Manager Margaret, or call 02 8396 5200.