NSW Girl Guide nominated for Top Committee Position

15 JUL 2019

Earlier this month Bronwyn Hughes was announced as one of the nine candidates standing for election to fill the six positions that comprise the six members of the Asia Pacific Regional Committee.

What is the Asia Pacific Regional Committee?
Globally, Girl Guides and Girl Scout Associations reach 10 million girls and young women across 150 countries.

This enormous reach is governed by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts—affectionately known as WAGGGS.

Geographically, WAGGGS’s governance is divided into five regions. Girl Guides in Australia are part of the Asia Pacific Region.

If elected to the Asia Pacific Regional Committee, Bronwyn will contribute to:
  • setting the strategic direction of the Region in line with WAGGGS’ vision and mission;
  • representing the interests of WAGGGS in the Region;
  • ensuring the values and ways of work of WAGGGS are respected and implemented in the Region;
  • being the voice of the Region to ensure WAGGGS’ global strategies and initiatives meet the needs of the Region; and
  • providing the support to Member Organizations in the development of quality Girl Guiding/ Girl Scouting and implementation of the Regional/WAGGGS plans
Bronwyn views this nomination as an opportunity to give back to the organisation that has given her so much.

On the subject of Girl Guides, Bronwyn attributes

whatever I have been able to achieve in life, whether personally or professionally, is because of the things I learned as a Guide

Watch Bronwyn’s video in support of her candidacy below.


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