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Take care of running your Unit or District, get tips and tools for recruitment and growth, find program help and more!
Volunteers are the heart of our organisation and we want to make sure that you feel supported, and that it's as easy as possible to make Guiding happen

Forms and Resources

Access our library of resources to find the forms and things you need to run a Unit, District, or Region from My GuideBook. Log-in and choose from the selection of button below your mini-profile.

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Delivering our Program

Practical Guidance and information to help you deliver a girl led program that meets your girls' needs and the Australian Guide Program.

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Growing Membership

Peruse our promotional resources with strategies, consistent branding, prescribed promotional tools and templated items designed to grow Guiding

Practical Support...


Explore our library of resources to find Unit and District forms, marketing resources and information about our brand

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District Support and Management

Property and Insurance tools to help members and supporters manage their Districts.


Guide Lines

This website sets out the requirements of Girl Guides Australia and will help you understand and appreciate the Organisation and its policies. The Guide Lines website captures the essential resources for any person involved with providing Guiding opportunities to girls and young women.

Australia Wide Rules & Forms